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More eBay dreams and HaPpY HoLiDaYs!!!

I'm finally moving! It's a bittersweet sitch' though (see my recent jennifur_b journal entry for more deets,) so I just wanted to give you lovelies an update that my new book will be finished in late January and will hit shelves in 2006, but you'll be first to know about parties, signings, etc . . . I really hope to plan some fun events around it in historic locations, of course. And if anybody's interested in doing a little vintage shopping in my closet, here's your chance (since i'm moving next month, I'm really clearing clearing out some AMAZING vintage pieces, so check back often!) Here's a link (i'd rather some of you get the stuff than strangers, since i'm selling things I actually love, just to save up for moving costs) And HaPpY SpArKLy HoLiDaYs!!! Image hosted by
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How exciting! I can't wait for the new book! I've actually started flipping through "Life is a Movie Starring You" again. It's really a nice book to read when life gets you down. It atleast makes me feel like there's hope :)
I'm sorry you have to sell some of your treasured items. That Jurassic Park jacket is totally awesome! I wish I could bid on anything, but I've been low on cash due to the holidays, though I'd love to own that Nightmare Before Christmas travel bag! We'll see :)
Btw, you've probably forgotten all about this, but about a year ago I mentioned I was redecorating my room (ala help via your book) and I promised pics. Even so, I apologize for never sending these pics. I never quite finished decorating it. And then of course it got messy. Maybe during this winter break I'll work on finishing that, as well as some heavy duty cleaning. (Anyone up for a garage sale? ^-^) So hopefully I can send you those pics before the new year.
Hope all is well, Jennifur! Happy Holidays, good luck with moving, and cheers to the new book! :)
Even I start flipping through LIAMSY sometimes when i'm feeling down. Especially since I wrote it in reflection of how I was actually feeling at the time, to myself and my friends. So when ladies like yourself dig it, it puts all my hard work to justice! Hopefully you'll like the next book even more, as i'm working even harder on it than the first (which is unbelievable to me.) YES, post redecoration pix any time you take them. I'd love to see!

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I'm gonna take you up on that, sir.! Hope you & the Mrs. are having a joyous, magical, diaphanous holiday!