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17th September 2008

sophie_ann8:15am: anyone out there?
Pesky goddess and author of the beloved Weetzie Bat books (mentioned in LIAMSY), Francesca Lia Block is on myspace!


For those PMGs who haven't read any of her work yet (I just got around to it this past summer), I strongly encourage you to do so. Her words and imagery are just magical, not to mention very pesky!

She recently posted on her myspace that a Weetzie Bat movie is in the works! Which actors do you see playing the main characters?

15th April 2008

sophie_ann5:19am: no one ever posts here anymore. sad :(

if anyone is still looking for regular updates from jennifer, you should check out her blog!


4th December 2007

sophie_ann11:33pm: Hello, dollybirds! I was snooping around (again) on bestbookbuys.com, and I saw the cover of Vintage L.A.!

 I can't wait for this to come out.

17th November 2007

sophie_ann9:00pm: I was googling around to find some old issues of the zine, and I found this:


PMG is in Duke University's library database! I think that's pretty amazing. If only I went to Duke :/ I still haven't been able to find any copies.

9th October 2007

piratesagogo6:13pm: just curious, but does anyone have any issues of the magazine that they don't want anymore?
i only have one...and if anyone wants to sell them to me let me know.


13th August 2006

piratesagogo8:52pm: my teen idol
so i was in L.A. last night. I realized I really don't like it there, but walking around I found this and it made my night!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Next time, I'm going on a hunt for Steve Edwards star.
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22nd June 2006

piratesagogo2:22pm: hey ladies,

i'm in the mood for good summer movies.

so far i have lined up:


any recommendations?

14th April 2006

sparkled_veggie10:58am: new <3 interest
So lately, since the separation of me and dan i've been a bit distant and reluctant to accepting someone else... but that has changed!
I met a boy. . . at my cousin's work. i stayed the week at the ski resort where all the workers stay . .. he introduced himself to me... and from then on we clicked! . he's charming, sweet, intelligent, gentle, respectful, fun, funny, and all that jazz. he's from australia. and his accent made me weak in the knees (i'm noticing a trend in the boys i like!) hahah.. well the morning I left back to home, we kissed and cuddled.. and now i'm all giggly !!!! Nigel. hehe

5th April 2006

sparkled_veggie7:43pm: *trips over tumbleweed*
It's a ghosttown here.. oooh i believe myspace has taken over!!
i deleted my account
too much drama
I just lost the best furrend/first love of my life.. dan oooooooh
*woe is me*

29th January 2006

jennifur_b5:12am: Weird.
My sister has listed her copy of my original book galley on eBay here; http://cgi.ebay.com/LIFE-IS-A-MOVIE-STARRING-YOU-by-JENNIFURBRANDT_W0QQitemZ7585644756QQcategoryZ58QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

There are only 3 in existence so this is a beyond RARE item. She has one other draft and I have the final draft. The one listed is the first of three drafts. Perhaps one of you Peskys would be into having it.

Oooh, and i've finally started a MY SPACE account;

And if you are ever in L.A. and haven't yet visited the Museum of Jurassic Technology, it's a MUST! A Victorian scientific oddity heaven on earth which I revisited after many years today. It's truly awe inspiring.

Back to finishing up my book . . . XOXO & Teenage Bud Cort

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22nd January 2006

sparkled_veggie9:22pm: thanks.. and question
Skin is looking good now.. i use aloe vera gel as moisturizer. and stay on derm's routine. no touchy. and less stress and boom a miracle! haha I can't find my bedazzler!! haha well I have a coldplay concert on the 30th i'm going to and i want to jazz up some jeans and I guess a tee or tank.. i'm a bit sad now. haha.. what should i wear?!

17th January 2006

sparkled_veggie7:39am: pesky confidence boost
Well daahlings,

I'm in need of a lil pep talk gals. I don't know what's causing this, but my face is the bilboard for bad acne. I see a determatoligist regularly, and it usually isn't like this. I dont know what's causing it, could be stress, junk food =(, makeup?!? (i wash b4 bed!!), I'm not sure. but recently with the breakup of my not so fab beau, I'm not feeling so glam like I know I can be, any pesky advice on how to boost my confidence while my face starts healing again?? plus next thursday I'm going skiing and asking a superswanky boy to senior ball!! *gets nervous*
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15th December 2005

sparkled_veggie8:00pm: MySpAcE!
I think.. that wouldn't it be super fantabulously cool if there was a "PMG" group on myspace..! :) who's with me on this one!? lol.. oh and a question does j-fur have a myspace??

13th December 2005

I made a lovely little community that some of you girls might be interested in!


Check it out, and if you like it and join, maybe consider promoting it?! I would love for it to take off.
Thanks lovies.

7th December 2005

piratesagogo10:39pm: Ladies!!!!

I found some really adorable ornaments at buckmerc.com

i'm always ordering from this site, they have the cutest shit ever!

anyways! Movie Star ornaments! Featuring Joan Crawford! I'm thinking I have to buy these.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com


...back to project runway...


6th December 2005

jennifur_b9:48pm: More eBay dreams and HaPpY HoLiDaYs!!!
I'm finally moving! It's a bittersweet sitch' though (see my recent jennifur_b journal entry for more deets,) so I just wanted to give you lovelies an update that my new book will be finished in late January and will hit shelves in 2006, but you'll be first to know about parties, signings, etc . . . I really hope to plan some fun events around it in historic locations, of course. And if anybody's interested in doing a little vintage shopping in my closet, here's your chance (since i'm moving next month, I'm really clearing clearing out some AMAZING vintage pieces, so check back often!) Here's a link (i'd rather some of you get the stuff than strangers, since i'm selling things I actually love, just to save up for moving costs) http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZpetitaQQhtZ-1 And HaPpY SpArKLy HoLiDaYs!!! Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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4th December 2005

lulu_is_dead6:28pm: I want a good old-fasioned pen pal. Any takers?

2nd December 2005

lulu_is_dead1:24am: ARE YOU THIS CLASSY AND CHIC?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
FIND OUT AT culture_chic

23rd October 2005

thismodern_life3:46pm: I've noticed how quiet my favorite community has become and it makes me terribly upset! What's everyone up to? Any nice fashion finds? Good new music?

I just found this fantastic jewelry store on Sherman Way in Canoga Park called Miss La De Da's. My goodness, it's a wonderland. There's fantastic vintage jewelry dripping from the walls and oozing out of baskets. Some of it's pricey, but if you dig through it you can find some really good pieces for not too much money. There's also a special section dedicated to Bakelite, and it's simply glorius! I must have spent more than two hours in there yesterday afternoon. Actually, all around that area there are tons of cute little antique shops up and down the cross streets. There's also an Aardvarks across the street that I didn't even know about!

Anyway, that was my most exciting find recently. I've also been listening to Stellastarr*'s new album, which is fantastic, and I recently discovered this really cool band called Sons and Daughters. I'm sure tons of people know about them and I'm just incredibly behind the times, but I love them. Oh! And my favorite group recently is the Raveonettes. Everything they do is amazing. I finally get to see them with Depeche Mode in November!!

Well, I hope everyone's doing well, and let me know what's going on! This community is too rad to stay quiet for so long.
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11th October 2005

sparkled_veggie4:10pm: Captivating . . .
Eyes! I want to have fantabulous peepers tomorrow. I want some makeup eyeliner idea that really make my eyes stand out, and is bold. Artsy, dramatic, captivating, sensuous. The only colors I have are black, turqoise, purple, and white (altho i can easily buy more!) ... I dunno exactly what I'm looking for any ideas/pics/drawings would be helpful! hehe thanks a bunches!
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27th September 2005

piratesagogo4:45pm: Halloween!!
For Halloween I either want to be:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com


Jackie O
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

what about everyone else?
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25th September 2005

lulu_is_dead4:00pm: I thought I'd share my boudoir with you pesky gals; you might appreciate the knick knacks. And I think everybody else should share their rooms too (if you're on my f-list, you've probably seen these)!

Enter if you dare!Collapse )

I need to remind myself to post in here more...I love this community!

24th September 2005

sparkled_veggie7:38pm: drama and beyond
Theatre, I'm the vice-president of our school's drama club ! :-D and being that, I get to direct one of our three school plays. I'm highly excited, I get to choose it as well, I chose a cute comedy called.... "Hooray for Hollywood!" How pesky is that?!?!

On another note.. it's my senior year, now is the time to think about college.
WEll remember that FAB beau of mine i told you about? His mom showed me this college, it's great! It only takes 3 years to get your degree, which is one less year I'd have to pay, and the cost is FABULOUS only like 17,900 a year! compared to the 32,000 of Berkley (2nd choice) and the government gives you 79 pounds a month... also, there's tons of scholarships, and I'd have him/her to help me and support me. one thing .. it's in Aberdeen.... SCOTLAND ... It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It will cost so much comparitively less then the US.. which is my mother's main worry. .finances.. it's just Terribly far.. and she won't liek the idea.. but it's my dream school.. how can i break it to her.. and let her know the programs and everything are what I want... and that i'm not chasing my beau.. i mean we'll be in about 3 hours away. .so it's not him i'm wanting this for, it's my future. I've never wanted anything more.. how can i let her now i'm serious as i'll ever be, and that i'm doing this for all the right reasons... how can i tell her i am going to apply here. (considering she'll have to pay for that)

11th September 2005

Any other Pesky gal was honored by the presense of the NEW YORK DOLLS at Sunset Junction a couple weeks back? I am still very much flabergasted ♥

Current Mood: excited
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